Sales Presentations – PowerPoint Vs Flash

One way to begin a sales presentation is to first talk with the customers to find out their exact requirements, such as whether they require a model that has been recently introduced, whether they want to cut down their costs on utility charges etc. Without the salesman knowing what the customer truly wants, many customers will say that they are not ready to buy anything new due to the cost or that they are satisfied with what they currently possess. The salesman should possess the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with these general objections.

Not all sales are done face to face however, and increasingly companies have to get their sales pitches out to customers through other means. This of course includes the internet, television, print and radio, but more specific sales presentations can be made through the use of Adobe Flash. Flash sales presentations can be created for use from a CD or on a website. These types of presentations are created by professional flash or graphic designers. Flash sales presentation can be created with a voice-over feature. When selecting the designers to prepare these types of presentations, it is important to make sure that the designer has enough experience in the field.

The most used presentation tool is Microsoft PowerPoint, and there are many presentation design companies who offer assistance in developing PowerPoint slides for sales presentation. These companies provide clear and crisp PowerPoint presentations to their customers. These clear presentations will help companies to provide highly professional slides and can be key to making sales presentations stand out from the crowd.

Which to use depends on circumstances and the client. Flash can offer more pizazz, but tends to be costlier to make. Although Flash is also a very common file format, people are still more used to using PowerPoint, and offering them a Flash alternative may seem either impressive or annoyingly quirky. Flash is much more versatile, as it can be embedded on web pages. Flash is also interactive – whereas PowerPoint slides can merely inform, Flash can be used to create a more interactive sales pitch. Flash has PowerPoint pipped on its ability to embed sound and video in an exciting and precise way. With a programming language behind it, Flash has the ability to create games, interactive slides and 3d animations. It may be wise to get the advice of a professional design agency who will be able to advise which format will be the most productive for your ongoing sales.

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